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Real in the Park

Come and join us at REAL (Raising Early Achievement in Literacy) in the Park as part of the Jersey Festival of Words. When: Saturday 23rd September, 1pm till 3pm at Millennium Town Park. What to expect:

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Best Start Report: Why Early Years Matters Most

A report by the Best Start Partnership highlights the importance of early years in social mobility. The Best Start Partnership has today published ‘Why Early Years Matter Most’ a briefing paper outlining the importance of early years in the social and cognitive

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Knowledge Makes Change – July

Everyday we all feel many different emotions from happiness to sadness to fear or anger. It is okay for our children to feel all these emotions, however, early years children are at a stage in their development where they can

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Inclusion in Education and Early Years

In the last 6 months, CYPES conducted online surveys and workshops inviting people to share their views on inclusive early years and education. Their views and inputs will go into creating a Vision and Charter for Inclusion in Education and

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The Princess of Wales campaign – “Shaping Us”

The Princess of Wales has launched a campaign on one of her most personal causes – the “critical importance of our early childhood“. In an open letter, Catherine says not enough attention is paid to how children’s first five years profoundly

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