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Knowledge Makes Change: March 2024

Knowledge Makes Change As a member of the Best Start Partnership, the Jersey Child Care Trust compiles and distributes news, information and research (local and international) to all those in Jersey who want to make a difference for children.

Family Nursing & Home Care promoting Safer Sleep Week 11th – 17th March 2024
Safer Sleep Week is The Lullaby Trust’s national awareness campaign targeting anyone looking after a young baby. It aims to raise awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and the simple advice that reduces the risk of it occurring.
In Jersey, members of Family Nursing & Home Care’s Baby Steps team promoted Safer Sleep Week and shared some key messages and learning
Mandy Jones, Baby Steps Team Co-ordinator and Midwife, explained why her team got involved this year. “This evidenced-based campaign is a really effective way of letting parents and carers know that by putting very simple cost free measures in place, we can save babies’ lives. Although we cover the subject of safe sleep in our Baby Steps Programme, we estimate that only about 50% of expectant/new parents in Jersey attend these sessions. Therefore, it’s important for us to ensure we promote the safe sleep message as widely as possible to all parents and also other carers of young babies, such as grandparents, who wouldn’t normally have access to our Programme”.
This very important subject is also discussed with families on a one to one basis during Health Visitor’s home visits and at Child Health Clinics. Advice can also be sought from the Health Visitor Duty Line Tel. 449135
Campaign Key Messages •       Every baby needs a cot. •       The safest place for a baby to sleep is in a firm, flat, clear, separate sleep space. •       A baby’s airway is vulnerable and need to be protected. Sleeping a baby on their back on a firm, flat surface will help to keep their airway open and also reduce the risk of SIDS. •       It is not safe for babies to sleep on soft-sided pods or nests, hammocks, sleep positioners, or bean bags or have cot bumpers, weighted bedding blankets, pillows, and duvets in their sleep space. •       Bouncers and baby swings are only for use when a baby is awake, and they should not sleep, nap or doze in them. If baby falls asleep, move them to a firm, flat surface. •       Parents who co-sleep should still have a cot or Moses basket for their baby for nights when circumstances change and co-sleeping becomes high-risk. For example, a parent or carer has had any alcohol or taken any medication that makes them drowsy. •       Car seats are essential for safety but babies should not sleep in them when not travelling. •       The safest baby carrier to use will keep the infant firmly in an upright position where a parent can always see their baby’s face, and ensure their airways are free. The risk appears to be greatest when a baby’s airway is obstructed either by their chin resting on their chest or their mouth and nose being covered by a parent’s skin or clothing. •       If parents don’t have access to a cot or Moses basket, advice can be given on what to do and how to create a safer sleep space. Every family should have a safe space for their baby to sleep.
More information on Safer Sleep Week is available on the Lullaby Trust’s website  
The Children and Young People (Jersey) Law 2022 – training reminder
The Children and Young People(Jersey) Law 2022 will come into effect by the end of March 2024 (pending approval by the States Assembly on 19th March). 
By this time, please ensure that you have completed the relevant training.
An introductory e-learning module is available for all staff and volunteers, along with additional modules focused on Working Together, Information Sharing and Corporate Parenting. It is important that you complete the training relevant to your role.
The Jersey’s Children First training has also been updated and it is recommended that you complete the online learning programme appropriate for your role to understand how the Jersey’s Children First framework supports you to work with the statutory guidance. 
For more information including details of how to access the training, visit  
The Jersey Child Care Trust is delighted to offer Makaton training courses.These are aimed at those working with young children and their families.
If you would like us to deliver Makaton training in your setting or school, please get in touch with us to see what we may be able to offer.  
These courses are booking up fast, and there are limited options – but you can add your details to a waiting list. More info here; Jersey Child Care Trust on Eventbrite
Our multi-agency training courses will help increase your safeguarding knowledge and skills. The training is delivered in-person so that you can ask questions, meet people from different organisations and better understand the multi-agency response to safeguarding.
We have a number of child safeguarding courses coming up. These include…
30 April – When Children Tell: Responding to Child Disclosures. Moreinfo >>
7 May –Understanding Child Neglect. Moreinfo >>
19 June – Child Exploitation. Moreinfo >>
To see a full list of all our free-to-attend courses and register online, please visit our website here.
We are delighted to have confirmed dates for our Mums Matter Wellbeing programme for 2024!
Attached is an overview of dates for the year, where sessions will be held, times etc. I have also attached the Mums Matter flyer which can be given directly to Mums.
We have also added a bonus ‘Introduction’ session which is to give mums a taster of the programme, the opportunity to meet us, ask any questions and sign up for the next programme. The first introductory session will be on Thursday 4th April at Pips Place and will be open to all mums wishing to find out more, please could you encourage mums to confirm their attendance by emailing mumsmatter@mindjersey.orgor contacting me directly,I can also be contacted via Whatsapp on 07829 933997.
We do not currently have confirmation of a creche/childcare for mums needing that facility, but hope to offer this for at least one of the programmes, confirmation will be available at the introduction sessions.
I would be really grateful if you could share this amongst your teams and with any mums you feel may benefit from the programme.
Thank you for your support
Nanny Corner

Raising Awareness of Autism
Many thanks to Lesley Harrison of Autism Jersey for delivering this session to Nannies on 7 March 2024. The evening was well attended and the presentation was both interesting and informative.
Next steps:  We will be in touch shortly with further training opportunities relating to this topic. Do email if you’d like to know more.

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