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Like the rest of the family, your toddler and young child needs to eat a variety of foods.

The Government of Jersey recommends choosing a range of food from the five food groups in the correct proportions:

  • bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and other starchy foods
  • milk and dairy products
  • food and drinks high in fat and / or sugar
  • meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non dairy sources of protein
  • fruit and vegetables

What support is available?

Healthy Start Vouchers: Healthy Start is a local programme providing vouchers for fresh fruit and vegetables to low-income parents of young children. It aims to increase access to good nutrition for parents and their child during the crucial early stages of growth and development.

If you’re interested in taking part in this programme, contact Customer and Local Services at

Flourish (Hot meals for Nursery and Reception children in a primary school): Public Health and Children, Young People, Education and Skills (CYPES) work with local charity, Caring Cooks, to provide a daily lunch service in some primary schools as an alternative to lunch boxes. Meals provided are balanced, nutritious and dietitian-approved. They aim to support children with their:

  • learning
  • healthy growth
  • positive health outcomes later in life
  • Talk to your child’s school to see if these lunches are on offer.

Food Dudes: Food Dudes is a behaviour change programme to help your child develop taste and liking for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The programme is carried out in schools and your child learns about healthy nutrition using:

  • role modelling
  • fun and educational rewards
  • repetition

The programme has been adopted by hundreds of primary schools in Ireland, the UK and elsewhere where it achieved positive health-related outcomes for children taking part. Contact Public Health, Jersey for more information on the programme or ask your child’s school to see if they are taking part.

Family Food and Fitness: A free programme that can help you and your family around diet and exercise. It aims to support long-term behaviour changes with a combination of:

  • cooking classes
  • sports
  • other fun activities

It’s an 8 week programme led by registered dietitians and qualified physical activity specialists. It can be accessed by your whole family. Find out more here:

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