I am thrilled to share exciting news from the Best Start Partnership. This month we have welcomed a highly talented Partnership Manager to take forward our ambitions for babies, young children and their families.  Amber Coupland brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role and has great aspirations for the Partnership. She is already out and about meeting people and looking forward to extending the reach and impact of the Partnership. Do please see Amber’s personal introduction.

Dr Cathy Hamer, Chair, Best Start Partnership

Hello everyone. My name is Amber, and I am absolutely delighted to introduce myself as the new Best Start Partnership Manager.

I feel incredibly privileged to be able to take up this role, after many years working as an early years practitioner in a variety of settings and having two young children of my own, my background is deeply rooted in ensuring the best outcomes for children.

The Best Start Partnership provides a unique opportunity in Jersey as it brings together the voices of children, families, public, private, community and the voluntary sector, with the single vision of making Jersey the best place for all children to grow up, which is an incredible vision, don’t you think?

If you’re a practitioner or parent who would like to get involved with the partnership, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Best Start Partnership

Please share details of this fantastic family event:

The Jersey Child Care Trust is delighted to offer Makaton Level One training courses.

These are aimed at Early Years Practitioners working in registered private nurseries and preschools settings and are free for those meeting this criteria.

If you would like us do deliver Makaton training in your setting or school, please get in touch with us to see what we may be able to offer.

30th September;

10th and 17th October;

14th October;

1st November;

18th November;

13th December;

Please find below some details of webinars that ERIC (Home – ERIC). will be delivering.

There are four sessions of the initial ‘Healthy Bladder and Bowels’ course and one session of ‘Toileting for Young Children with Additional Needs’ – you will need to have undertaken the initial ‘Healthy Bladder and Bowels’ webinar before you undertake the additional needs one.

As they are webinars, if you find yourself unable to attend on the specific day and time, you will be sent a recording of the presentation to watch at a later time.  (Although you’ll miss out on the live question and answer sessions!).

All sessions are open to anyone working with young children in any kind of setting.

Please book your space via the Eventbrite link below and instructions for joining the webinar (via Zoom) will be sent to you directly from ERIC nearer the date.


ERIC – Young Children’s Healthy Bladder and Bowels  11th October at 13.00;

ERIC – Young Children’s Healthy Bladder and Bowels  1st November at 09.30;

ERIC – Young Children’s Healthy Bladder and Bowels 22nd November at 17.00;

ERIC – Young Children’s Healthy Bladder and Bowels 4th December at 09.30;


ERIC – Toileting for Young Children with Additional Needs 6th December at 13.00;

Dreaming Trees – returning in February 2024

Work to deliver Dreaming Trees 2024 is underway.

The illuminations are being organised by the Department for Infrastructure and Environment, in association with the Creative Island Partnership and with sponsorship from Rathbones Investment Management International.

Last February approximately 35,000 people experienced Dreaming Trees which delighted audiences of all ages in Howard Davis Park and engaged visitors with the magic of the Wood Wide Web –  the system trees use to communicate.

The next event is planned for February 2024 half term and an exciting new theme focused on the four elements will be brought to life in both Howard Davis Park and Sir Winston Churchill Park.

Education will continue to be at the heart of Dreaming Trees, and the team will be releasing a set of curriculum linked resources for all key stages in the Autumn term.

More details will follow but if you have any questions or would like to share feedback from the first Dreaming Trees illuminations, please contact Bruce Labey, Senior Operations Manager, Department for Infrastructure and Environment: [email protected]

The Early Years Fundamentals webinar series provides bite-size training on topics of key importance to professionals working with children aged 0-5.  Each term, we will cover a theme, with several webinars, delivered monthly, included within that theme.

Spring Term 2024: Infant Mental Health and Trauma

Summer Term 2024: Infant Development and Special Educational Needs

Autumn Term 2024: The Psychosocial Context: Culture, Race and Class

More information and how to book are available here:

EarlyYears Fundamentals Webinar Series | Training | Anna Freud Centre

Public Policy Exchange will be hosting a webinar;

Ending Child Food Poverty: How toTackle an Escalating Crisis on Tuesday on September 12th, 2023,  at 9:30 AM — 1:00 PM.

To register for this briefing please click  here.


  • Review government policies relating to child food poverty, including Free School Meals and Healthy Start schemes, and critically consider scope for future improvement
  • Assess the impact of austerity, Covid-19 and the cost-of-living crisis on levels of child food poverty and the provision of support for food-insecure children in the UK
  • Propose measures central and local government could take to tackle rises in child food poverty created by the cost-of-living crisis
  • Assess the impact of Brexit on UK food prices and food security and how trade barrier-induced inflation can be mitigated
  • Evaluate the recommendations made by the National Food Strategy and discuss the government’s implementation of these recommendations
  • Identify the root causes of child food poverty and assess potential strategies to address them
  • Consider the problems with means-tested support for children dealing with food poverty
  • Explore strategies to reduce operational difficulties in providing support to families and children
  • Discuss the appropriate roles of central government, local government, and non-governmental organisations in reducing child food poverty
  • Learn about best practices for raising public awareness of charity and community services
  • Establish the importance of early intervention in reducing adverse outcomes for food-insecure children
  • Analyse ways to bridge the gap between food waste and child food poverty

How To Start a Self-Regulation Revolution with Bertram Nursery Group;

Dr Mine Conkbayir is an award-winning author, PhD and neuroscience expert. Ursula Krystek-Walton is the Head of Early Years at Bertram Nursery group.

Together, they’ve got a pretty special story to tell about how neuroscience, self-regulation, and a thoughtful approach to training made a huge difference to the children Bertram care for.

They talk about:

– What self-regulation really means

– Why we all need a basic understanding of neuroscience.

– Why it’s time to throw out our behaviour policies and start again.

– Flipping the lid – and why you need to know what it means

Mine and Ursula to talk through the whole journey, what they learned, what worked, (and what didn’t).

Famly Sessions #7 – How To Start a Self-Regulation Revolution with Bertram Nursery Group