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What We Do

Making it Happen

“Our aim is to implement a programme of Best Start and Best Start Plus initiatives to support preparation for parenthood, parents-to-be, children up to 5, and their families, by working together to give children the best start in life”

By getting it right from the start, Jersey will become an island that works for all children and makes a sound investment in the island’s future.

We appreciate childhood as a unique and valuable stage of life and are aware that the quality of childhood experience has lifelong consequences. We want to provide opportunities for all children to become confident and resilient individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens and that they have safe, stable, stimulating and nurturing relationships with their parents and/or carers.

All of our children deserve to have the best start in life, growing up in an environment that nurtures their development, derives safety and security from their parents and care givers, accesses high quality early years services and encourages them to have aspirations for the future and their ability to achieve them. What children experience in their earliest years is key to their success in adulthood.

Our mission is to make Jersey a child and family friendly island

We recognise that all parents want the best for their children and value the vital role played by parents and carers in securing the best outcomes for them in early childhood. During the early years adults have significant impact on children’s health and physical development, social, emotional and personal learning and on the development of their language and communication skills.

We believe that working together with families, communities and partner agencies in an integrated way, will deliver high quality services which will meet the needs of all our children.

The Partnerships Shared Principles

The child is at the centre of all our work

All children have the right to grow up safely, live healthy lives, learn and achieve and be seen and heard

Service delivery is holistic, co-ordinated and seamless, making every contact with parents and carers count from day one and getting it right first time

The uniqueness of children and families is valued and provided for

Children and families who need support will be identified and have access to the right help at the right time from the right service

Listening and involving children and families in shaping and evaluating services

Delivers what’s needed and makes effective use of available resources

Quality is at the heart of service delivery for children and families