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News bulletin – 6th July 2020

Listen to the brain architects from The Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

The Brain Architects Podcast: COVID-19 Special Edition: Mental Health in a Locked-Down World

In this podcast there are discussions about what supporting your own mental health can look like, as well as ways to support children you care for at this time.

                                                                                              PPE video

An adorable video from the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity is helping to reassure children who might be intimidated seeing people in Personal Protective Equipment.

In the video, children dressed in uniforms that kids are more used to seeing, like an astronauts outfit and firefighters uniform, explain what PPE is for.

Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity have asked their friends who wear PPE that children are used to seeing to help reassure them.

Play in the pandemic

There are lots of questions about how lockdown has affected children’s play and what the consequences are for children’s mental health. There are also important questions about the role of play in supporting children’s mental health when they return to school. To determine how lockdown might affect children, we need to draw upon research conducted in the context of other isolation situations. A number of rapid reviews have been conducted to provide insight into how lockdown might affect children’s wellbeing (e.g. Loades ME et al., 2020). One of these reviews, conducted by the team at Cambridge University’s PEDAL research centre, examines the impact of quarantine and restricted environments on children’s play (Graber, K et al., 2020). Read more at

Parenting young babies while self-isolating and social distancing

Helpful advice for parents and carers dealing with new babies and young children during the current situation.