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Knowledge Makes Change Newsletter Sept 19

Knowledge Makes Change

Update 34: 19 September 2019

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Knowledge Makes Change (KMC) is designed to share key information about early years developments in Jersey and up-to-date research and practice from the UK and international contexts.  Knowledge Makes Change is provided as part of the Early Childhood Development Programme.

This newsletter is for practitioners, parents and anyone who is working with young children and their families in Jersey. If you are aware of someone who would like to receive the KMC newsletter and who does not currently do so, please ask them to email to be added to the mailing list.

Jersey news

Making it REAL Training and Project Funding

NCB are really excited to now be in a position to offer exciting opportunities for further involvement with the REAL project on Jersey.

REAL Training

We are offering fully funded 2 day REAL training on 10th & 11th October. This will be held at St Paul’s Centre in St Helier and will be delivered by Dr Cathy Hamer. Each provision participating in the training will be allocated £300 funding to enable them to carry out a REAL project with 3 children in the setting. This training is now fully booked and has a waiting list. For more information please contact Kate Elston at JCCT

Project funding for Providers who already trained in REAL

We are delighted to offer providers who have already participated in REAL training the opportunity to deliver another funded project. We are offering £300 per provider to support a project with 3 children in your setting. For more information please contact Kate Elston at JCCT

You’re invited to the next Knowledge Makes Change Seminar

Thursday 21st November 2019

 This seminar will be at St Pauls Centre from 6.30 – 8.30.

For the 9th evening in our expert Knowledge Makes Change Seminar series our speaker is Jean Gross CBE who will talk on the topic – Closing the Word Gap.

Jean is a popular speaker on children’s issues and the author of a number of best-selling books including ‘Time to Talk’. She was formerly the English government’s Communication Champion for children, responsible for promoting the importance of good language skills.  Recently she chaired the ‘Bercow: Ten Years On’ independent review of services for children with speech, language and communication needs.

Did you know that children remember vocabulary better if they hear it before they sleep? Or that language might best be learned outdoors? In this seminar Jean will explore these and other fascinating facts from the latest research on how language develops.

You can sign up here to book your place on eventbrite

Evaluation of the Early Childhood Programme in Jersey

NCB have worked in partnership with Jersey Child Care Trust and supported by the UBS Optimus Foundation UK on an ambitious three year project (2016 – 2019), to facilitate capacity building in the early years sector and improve outcomes for young children and their families.

Historically, too many children in Jersey were not reaching their full potential and Jersey’s early years services did not have the opportunity for sharing best practice and improvement.

The Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC) have provided an external evaluation report on the first three years of the programme.

With 282 practitioners trained and 2,363 children participating across the programme, the evidence in the report demonstrates that the ECD Programme has had “a proven and significant impact at Government level and also across the early years sector in Jersey”.

 CREC found a positive impact across the three areas of work in the programme:

  • Outcomes Based Accountability (OBA) has been particularly successful in relation to significantly improving planning and collaborative working on the island at a strategic level. This is evident in a stakeholder statement:-


    • “OBA has been a real success. The focus has shifted and the States/Government has a real commitment to putting children first, driven initially by the Enquiry raising protection issues. The Island community have taken notice and there has been a change in visibility. Now ALL children are visible.”
  • The Making it REAL (Raising Early Achievement in Literacy) and Knowledge Makes Change (KMC) strands of the programme have successfully increased both practitioner and parental knowledge and engagement in developing strategies to support young children’s development.
    • 85% of children improved oral language skills, 84% shared books at home more, and there was an increase in 72% regularly practicing writing skills.


    • REAL Literacy Training: A series of funded 2-day training programmes has been delivered to 92 early years practitioners.
      • Over 90% of practitioners rated the training excellent or very good in terms of increasing knowledge of engaging with parents to support learning; supporting children with early literacy and early identification of need and onward referral. 83% of practitioners rated the training excellent” (evaluation report)
  • Knowledge Makes Change Seminars: A series of seminars on a variety of topics, including supporting bilingual families; supporting children with SEN; supporting emotional well-being; and supporting maths in the early years, all brought high profile key note speakers to Jersey. Each seminar gained an average attendance of 74 Early Years Practitioners in addition to key strategic partners.


Read the Evaluation Executive Summary and NCB’s response here 

 Safeguarding Annual Report

Working Together to Safeguard Adults and Children in Jersey

 The annual report by the safeguarding Partnership Board was published in July.

It reflects on the work of the Safeguarding Partnership Board during 2018 and notes key aspects such as raising awareness of children’s safeguarding, in conjunction with the NSPCC through the PANTS campaign and highlights of the year such as the launch of the Child Abuse Strategy and the safeguarding awards. The report also contains updates from each of the safeguarding sub-groups and an overview of how 2018 priorities were delivered and what the priorities are for 2019.

The full report can be found here.

Child Accident Prevention Leaflet

Child Accident Prevention has recently produced a leaflet offering parents information on keeping their children and their pets safe.

This leaflet is designed to offer simple and practical advice to families with regard to a variety of pets and suggest how parents can maintain a healthy and happy household for all those living together.

It also lists a number of valuable websites which can be accessed for further information.

The leaflet is currently available form Health Visitors and the JSPCA.

We hope to soon have it even more widely available but in the meantime you can contact Mandy Le Tensorer on 443614 for a copy.

Jersey Children sign up for healthy school lunches

Almost 200 children have signed up to a scheme offering healthy school lunches in Jersey.

Since the start of the school year, 195 students at both Janvrin and Samarès primary schools have been part of a trial offering a balanced, nutritious hot meal.

The pilot scheme has been run as a partnership between the Government of Jersey and charity Caring Cooks who promote healthy diet from an early age.

If the project is successful, it could be made permanent with the school meals service put out to tender.

Research and practice from the UK and international contexts

API launches new play campaign

The Association of Play Industries (API) has launched a new campaign – Play Must Stay. It is based on research with parents which reveals a shift from outdoor play to indoor screen time. The new data is derived from a survey of over 1100 parents of children aged 2-12 across the UK.

Good Childhood report

The Children’s Society annual report looks at data surveying children’s views and rates their overall happiness out of a scale of 1 to 10.For the first time in 10 years, when children were asked about their happiness with “life as a whole”, this score has fallen below the 8 out of 10 mark. The survey also asked children what worries them most about the future. It found that almost one in five (17 per cent) are worried about their mental health; with those living in poverty likely to be most worried about their mental wellbeing.

Published August 2019

NSPCC campaign on perinatal mental health

The NSPCC have launched a new campaign around mental health issues experienced by parents in the perinatal period.

Wellbeing and mental health: applying All Our Health

Public Health England has published new guidance for health professionals on wellbeing and mental health. This resource aims to help health professionals prevent ill health and promote wellbeing as part of their everyday practice.

Learning resources for new practitioners on infant feeding

As part of World Breastfeeding Week 2019, the Baby Friendly Initiative launched a suite of materials to support the education of new healthcare practitioners.

 Gender Diversification in the Early Years Education (Gender EYE)

The GenderEYE project at Lancaster University in partnership with the Fatherhood Institute is aiming to find out why only 2% of the current UK early years workforce is male. Why do so few men train to work in the early years and what kinds of support do they need to remain in this work? The survey is for managers and practitioners/staff.

Thank you for reading.

KMC is part of the Early Childhood Development Programme. The programme is led by the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) in partnership with the States of Jersey and Jersey Child Care Trust, informed by the Education Department, Health and Social Services, the Best Start Partnership and the Jersey Safeguarding Partnership Board. The programme is funded by UBS Optimus Foundation UK.

KMC newsletters are compiled and edited by NCB on behalf of local partners. If you have any questions or comments about KMC, please contact