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Knowledge Makes Change Newsletter – October 2017

TONIGHT: Knowledge Makes Change Seminar, ‘Supporting Bilingual Families’ with Nabiah Sohail

Date:                           Thursday 12th October                                 6.30 – 8.30pm

Venue:                        St Pauls Centre, St Pauls Gate, Dumaresq Street, JE2 3RL

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone who is attending the 4th Knowledge Makes Change seminar this evening at St Paul’s Centre. We’ll see you at 6.30pm for a jam-packed evening and, for those who can’t make it, we’ll be sharing useful information from the night shortly afterwards.


Evaluating our work in Jersey


NCB have commissioned the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC) to undertake the first part of the evaluation of the Jersey Early Childhood Development Programme. CREC is a nationally and internationally recognised independent research organisation which is highly respected in the sector.  For further information about CREC please visit  This is a great opportunity to get expert and independent insight into what we have done so far across the programme and will also provide opportunities for early years practitioners and parents to give us their input into how things are going. We’ll be sending more details soon but do give a warm welcome when Sean, Chris and Tony from CREC visit in the next few months.


A Magical Event: Turning Ideas into Opportunities 

Date:                           Monday 20th November                                1pm and 6pm

Venue:                        St Pauls Centre, St Pauls Gate, Dumaresq Street, JE2 3RL

In 2016 the Early Years and Childhood Partnership (EYCP) ran a highly successful Festival of Ideas. The report is available by clicking here.  You are now invited to come along to an event which will engage you in turning ideas into opportunities for children and families in Jersey.  It will take place at St Paul’s Centre on Monday 20th November. To make sure everyone gets a place you can choose to come at either 1:00pm or 6:00pm.  Register your place by clicking on the following Eventbrite link. In advance of the event, the Early Years and Childhood Partnership (EYCP) is asking prospective parents, parents and family members connected with young children three quick questions to help see what their priorities are – see item below.


Have your say on the future for babies and young children in Jersey – your voice really matters!

The Early Years and Childhood Partnership (EYCP) is currently developing an early years strategy and considering priorities for the future. Whether you’re a prospective parent, parent, carer, grandparent or other family member connected with young children then it would be wonderfully helpful if you could answer three quick questions. The findings will be used to inform future planning and help achieve our vision of Jersey being the best place for all children to grow up.

The three questions can be accessed at:  Please feel free to circulate this e mail and share the link as widely as possible, to ensure the community voice is heard, listened to and acted upon.

The survey closes on Friday 10th November.  Very many thanks for your help.

Dr Cathy Hamer

Chair – Early Years and Childhood Partnership


NEW website for the Parent Carer Forum: a voice for families with children or young adults with special needs

The Parent Carer Forum is a way of bringing parents and carers together to create a strong community of families who have children with special needs.  Together the Parent Carer Forum can:

  • Support other families by sharing information and experiences;
  • Find help and learn about services;
  • Promote inclusive practice;
  • Feed-back to States departments and make suggestions about the needs of families and children with special needs so that services can be changed and updated;
  • Work with providers to create quality services for parents, carers and their children.

The Forum holds quarterly meetings and membership is available for parents and carers, groups and individuals. Please click on the link to visit the new website and find out more.


Festival of Words ‘I Spy in the Supermarket’ – a great success!

As part of the Festival of Words literary festival (27th September – 1st October) Education, Highlands College and the JCCT joined forces with local supermarkets to hold an environmental print challenge, ‘I Spy in the Supermarket’. With the Making it REAL (Raising Early Achievement in Literacy) project currently so successful in many schools and settings island wide, this was an opportunity to further encourage families to look for environmental print together as they went about their everyday activities.

‘I spy in the Supermarket’ formed part of a normal shopping trip. It involved and encouraged families and children to look for and identify certain logos and print on everyday products. Pencils, clipboards and the ‘I spy in the supermarket’ sheets were available in stores for children to take part.

“I saw a young family in the Co-Op on Sunday, quietly working their way around the store with a supermarket challenge sheet in the little boy’s hand – very satisfying!” commented Ed Jewell, Chief Librarian.

Children were then encouraged to return their completed sheet to their nursery or school class where their efforts would be shared and celebrated. The settings that collected the most completed sheets were rewarded with a signed copy of a book by author Lauren Child (who also took part in the Festival of Words).

We would like to thank the supermarkets that got involved with the challenge for giving up their time and getting staff to promote this worthwhile event with their customers. We really appreciate their support.


Research and practice from the UK and international contexts



Mental ill-health among children of the new century: trends across childhood

This report published by the UCL Institute of Education and NCB is based on analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study, which follows the lives of around 19,000 children born in the UK in 2000-01. At ages 3, 5, 7, 11 and 14 parents reported on their children’s difficulties in four areas, using the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire. Findings included:

  • Emotional symptoms increase year on year through childhood into adolescence, almost doubling from early childhood to age 14.
  • Conduct problems are highest at age 3, decrease considerably between 3 and 7 and then increase slightly between ages 7 and 14.
  • Hyperactivity symptoms are highest at age 3, they then reduce and are similar from ages 5 to 14.
  • Peer problems decline from age 3 to 5 but then increase steadily year on year through childhood and into adolescence. Between 11 and 14 years they almost double.

At every age, prevalence of behaviour problems was slightly higher in boys than in girls.  A summary page is available on the UCL Institute of Education website.   For details of mental health services for children on Jersey please see the CAMHS website.



Case studies from A Better Start on speech, language and communication

A Better Start is a £215 million, ten-year strategic investment funded by the Big Lottery Fund and focused on developing and testing new approaches to promoting good Early Childhood Development.  This work is taking place through five partnerships with local services in Blackpool, Bradford, Nottingham, Southend and Lambeth (in partnership with NCB).  A Better Start has produced some case studies of innovative practice in language and communication as follows:

  • Talking together (Bradford): a programme that supports the communication and language development of two-year-olds through home visits that encourage play and conversation.
  • Making it REAL (Lambeth): an evidence-based programme that works with practitioners to support children’s early literacy, language and communication development in the family home.

To read the case studies and other material on speech, language and communication please click on the title link and scroll down the page to the relevant section.


Health and Wellbeing

‘Life at Home’ website for parents of premature babies

This new website was developed by Queens University Belfast, in partnership with the charity Tiny Life, and is intended to support the needs of the parents of premature babies when they bring their child home. The resource is organised around topics raised by parents and the content includes practical advice and short videos of both parents and professionals.

Details of services for new parents on Jersey can be found on the ‘Maternity and Starting a Family’ hub and also on the ‘You and Your New Baby’ website.


Thank you for reading.


Early Childhood Development Programme


The National Children’s Bureau is leading the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme in Jersey in partnership with States of Jersey, the Jersey Child Care Trust, and the Early Years & Childhood Partnership.  The ECD programme is working to improve outcomes for young children and their families in Jersey.

KMC is part of the Early Childhood Development Programme.  The programme is led by the National Children’s Bureau (NCB) in partnership with the States of Jersey and Jersey Child Care Trust, informed by the Education Department, Health and Social Services, the Early Years and Childhood Partnership and the Jersey Safeguarding Partnership Board. The programme is funded by UBS Optimus Foundation UK.

KMC newsletters are compiled and edited by NCB on behalf of local partners. If you have any questions or comments about KMC, please contact