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Knowledge Makes Change – July 2022

Newly launched with family and nature at the heart of what we do:

Nature Base offer a range of sessions that provide the ‘base’ for families to play, grow and breathe together. Our aim is to see more families (whatever your family make up is) immersed in nature, connecting with the natural environment and exploring life in the present moment. We lead sessions in green spaces and woodland to offer a rich multi – sensory environment that provide opportunities to strengthen your own family connections, enable nature connection, and support holistic well-being. • Instagram photos and videos

email: [email protected]

Superheroes Series UK Challenge – An exciting opportunity!

Saturday 23rd of July- 20th August.

We have secured 500 packs to enable islanders with disabilities and their families / friends to take part FOR FREE.

This month-long challenge is to encourage our community to try something new, go a little further than you’ve gone before or simply unite with family and friends to share a super passion and do something together!

Superhero Series isn’t just about encouraging islanders to be more physically active but also hopes to encourage islanders with a disability to set themselves a small challenge and maybe find new strengths they never thought they had.

Participants set themselves a challenge to complete during the month, they can Choose whatever inspires them to find their Power! run, walk, cycle, swim, row, you may prefer a sensory challenge such as cooking, art or singing, or use a combination of all of that!. It might be that they want to try cycling for the first time, go for a family walk or challenge themselves to complete a set distance over the month. They also may prefer a sensory challenge such as cooking or art.

WHO CAN ENTER – Anyone or any age! Participants can enter as a team or individually or unite with friends, family, school or work colleagues to complete your Find You Power Challenge. All we ask is that if you are a solo participant or are part of a team, at least one of you would consider yourself as having a disability (of any kind)!

YOUR SUPER DISTANCE: Participants are free to set their own goal from 10m to 100km or more! Les Geyts may wish to set a challenge for everyone to complete over the month.

WHEN: Participants can choose to do your challenge on one day, over a few days or use the whole month from 23 July to 20 August 2022.

WHERE: We have such a beautiful island as our playground and participants can choose wherever they wish to complete their challenge. It may be at home, outdoors, in our parks, on the beach or even in the sea!

Move More Jersey will be running a number of activities which will be FREE to take part including our Cycle Without Limits Centre, Move More Walks, Move More Exercise Classes and Move More Ability Classes such Boccia, Multisport and Family Sessions

Their challenge may be to come to one of these sessions for the first time! We also have lots of routes you can download from our website which you could do with your family or even have a go at Sporteering!

HOW: Choose whatever inspires you to find your power! You can run, walk, wheel cycle, swim, skate, row, paint, cook, sing…. Or use a combination of all of that! All gadgets ad gizmos are welcome from zoomed up wheelchairs, adaptive bikes to SUPs, surfboards, kayaks, scooter, roller blades…… anything goes – you choose! You can also use your Super sense and choose from a range of sensory challenges – such as popping bubbles and fun food tasting test or invent your own challenge. Each sensory achievement is simply converted into kilometres towards your mission!

DO I HAVE TO DRESS UP AS A SUPERHERO? Participants don’t have to dress up or wear a costume, but we do encourage you to you to join in the fun by putting on your best Superhero costume! Here are some Super costume ideas to help you look and feel the part for your challenge.

THE SUPERHERO PART! For this challenge, everyone who enters will receive a t-shirt, medal, race number and finish line and be put into a SUPER team – each with its own Marvel theme and led by one of the on Island Team Captain Winners.

Superhero Series isn’t just about encouraging islanders to be more physically active but also hopes to encourage islanders with a disability to set themselves a small challenge and maybe find new strengths they never thought they had.

Choose whatever inspires you to find your Power! run, walk, cycle, swim, row, you may prefer a sensory challenge such as cooking, art or singing, or use a combination of all of that!. Whatever your Superpower is, you are welcome to join in.

Your Jersey Superhero Captains

We have 4 amazing Superhero Captains who will be leading our Jersey teams on the challenge! All the captains live in Jersey and will be taking the challenge over the month with you.

If you would like to register a team (or individuals), you can either complete the forms below and return them to us OR complete the attached spreadsheet completing all the information for participants. We are happy to release a number of packs to individuals for distribution at groups / events as long as we do get the relevant registration details after:

Individual registration forms: Superhero-Series-Registration-Form.pdf (

Community groups forms : Superhero-Series-Community-Groups-Registration-Form.pdf (

Terms and Conditions: Superheroes-Terms-and-Conditions-2022.pdf (

Please fill the form out and return to Claudia Andrade on [email protected] before the Wednesday 20th July 2022.

Knowledge Makes Change – Seminar

Knowledge Makes Change Seminar

Thursday 22nd September, 6.30pm

‘Let’s Talk about Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) in Young Children’

  • · Identify what we mean by SLCN
  • · Evidence prevalence drawing on England data
  • · Explore the long-term societal impact of SLCN
  • · Evidence why the early years is the optimum time for early identification and intervention
  • · Consider the benefits of a systemic approach to identification and intervention
  • · Present some of the lessons learned from work across Greater Manchester

Presented by Michelle Morris, FRCSLT – Biography Here

Book your free ticket here

More information to follow… can view previous seminars here; Knowledge makes change seminars (

‘REAL’ Training Opportunity:

Making it REAL (Raising Early Achievement in Literacy) is an evidence-based programme that works with practitioners to support children’s early literacy and development. The programme helps practitioners to build parents’ knowledge and confidence so that they can help their children by creating a positive early home learning environment. This has proved to have a powerful impact on children’s outcomes and on family literacy practice

Read more about REAL here: Making it REAL (

This two day course for Early Years Practitioners will take place on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th October, delivered by Dr Alice Bennion (Jersey Child Care Trust) and Julie McAllister (Childcare and Early Years Service), 9.30 till 4.30 each day.

Places are free but space is limited. Please contact [email protected] for more info or to book a space.

Policy, Practice and Research from the UK:

Starting nursery and reception: wellbeing resources

A range of easy-to-deliver resources from the National Literacy Trust which are designed to help children settle in to the nursery and classroom environment, and will allow them to develop their communication, language and literacy skills.

Countdown to nursery

The National Literacy Trust has partnered with Early Years in Mind to provide this transition resource to share with families starting nursery. There is a ‘Word’ template here

Parental perceptions of childcare in England

A research report from DfE on qualitative interviews with parents of children under 5 years old covering affordability, availability and flexibility of childcare. Published 4 July

Respect The Sector: The Early Years Reputation Report 2022

Respect the sector – The Early Years Reputation report is based on findings from an online survey carried out last month by Famly, which received 740 responses from workers in the early years sector. The findings show that 95% of respondents feel they are not respected by Government and policymakers, 69% feel a lack of respect from the public, and 86% report difficulties recruiting staff. Download the full report here Published July 2022

Meeting the needs of every child – free webinar

Funded by the DfE, nasen is able to extend its offer of funded training for Early Years practitioners through the Early Years SEND Partnership and is currently taking bookings for this free 2-hour webinar, which will provide Early Years Practitioners with a thorough understanding of inclusive practice for SEND in Early Years setting.

Dates currently booking:13 September, 23 November 2022, 19 January, 8 March 2023