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News Bulletin -15th June 2020

Chasing Rainbows by Jersey author Penny Byrne

A gorgeous local picture book for 2-8 year olds, telling the story of twins who love being out and about in Jersey but find it hard when their world suddenly changes and people start getting sick. Local children’s author, Penny Byrne said of her book “It doesn’t talk openly about Covid but it offers a really good way to open conversations with younger children about their feeling and emotions at this difficult time. And has a wonderfully positive feel as it is about finding hope and even joy despite the difficulties.”  Copies are available to buy from .  Also, His Excellency, Sir Stephen Dalton can be found reading the book at Government House on Penny’s facebook page ‘Penny Byrne Author’!

A UK school teacher observed:


“The story is so perfectly pitched, the illustrations are just beautiful and so engaging for little people to pour over, looking at all the details,” said primary school teacher Helen Mather from Kent. “It is perfect for children coming back to school after lockdown. Some children will have had relatively positive experiences of lockdown – having mummy and daddy at home all the time – whereas others won’t. And it is hard to find a way of discussing everything that has happened in a way that allows the second group of children to start processing some of their emotions, without scaring the first group. This book is just the perfect way to be able to start those discussions.”


Please do share the above with parents and settings.



“There is no health without mental health.” (World Health Organization, 2009)

Our emotional and physical health can be severely compromised during these unsettling times. Self- care is very important, as we are often the last person we think about and look after. It’s particularly important at this time to enable us to be as resilient as possible for ourselves, and also to manage and alleviate our children’s worries, and to provide them with re-assurance.

Some hopefully helpful links are detailed below:

Mental Wellbeing audio guides– from NHS Every Mind Matters

Understanding anxiety – colourful guide from the Priory Group

A free app for sleep, anxiety and stress– from Insight Timer

e-learning: staying mentally well through Covid19 – from Pooky Knightsmith 

Working from home wellbeing action plan – from the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust


Every Mind Matters – How to fall asleep faster and to sleep better

We all have evenings when we find it hard to fall asleep or we wake up in the night. You may also find this is happening more often during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Good-quality sleep makes a big difference to how we feel, mentally and physically, so it’s important to get enough. For simple tips on improving your sleep, watch this video with Colin Espie, Professor of Sleep Medicine at the University of Oxford.

The advice you’ll find here is a good way to get you thinking about your sleep and what may be stopping you from sleeping well. There are also have some simple steps you can take to make a change.



Family Resources

Looking for ideas to support 2–4 year old’s communication skills? Check out these expert but fun and friendly guides, designed for parents, carers and the whole family.

  • Interacting with your child
  • Using play to develop language
  • Creating special time at home
  • Developing your child’s understanding
  • Choosing toys and activities
  • Developing listening and attention
  • Encouraging talking
  • Developing your child’s vocabulary
  • Encouraging reluctant speakers to communicate
  • Developing routines and using pictures as prompts
  • Non verbal communication