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Knowledge Makes Change – March 2022

Listening Events for the Early Years Children’s Workforce – NEXT WEEK!

We know things have changed as a result of living with a pandemic. As a result, the Best Start Programme is going to be offering some additional learning and development opportunities for the children’s workforce and future workforce. By children’s workforce, we mean professionals or students that work with young children in all types of ways; health, development, education, childcare, family support and more. In a Listening Event session, we will tell you more about these potential learning and development opportunities and ideas and ask you what you think; if they would benefit you and your work together with the children and families you work with.

Our on-line listening events will be facilitated by Fiona Vacher with no more than eight participants in each one hour session. You can help to ensure that future learning and development opportunities meet your professional and practical needs in working with and supporting children and families in Jersey.

If you would like to join one of these listening events, please choose which one and click on the link to book your place.

Thank you.

Tuesday 29th March at 13.30
Wednesday 30th March at 10.30
Thursday 31st March at 18.30

‘50 Things to do before you’re five’ Jersey App launches….

The Childcare and Early Years’ Service, in collaboration with the Best Start Partnership, are delighted to invite islanders to celebrate the launch of a new app in Jersey, “50 things to do before you’re 5”, at a free family event on Saturday, 9 April between 10 – 12pm in Millbrook Park. The picnic and play morning will include fun activities from the app hosted by local organisations who work with young children, and live music. A roadshow of events is currently underway to engage with parents and carers, and to raise awareness of the app, showcasing the effectiveness and accessibility of its fun activities.

50 Things provides a framework of activities which are intended to produce outcomes across a broad range of measures:

· Change in the behaviours of families and young children, leading to improved infant health better mental wellbeing, lower obesity, and better coronary and respiratory fitness

· Improved wellbeing, including better self-regulation, metacognition and resilience

· Improved parental confidence in engaging in playful family learning activities with their child

· Improved early language and communication skills

· Improved engagement in outdoor play and learning, improving fine and gross motor skills

Dr Cathy Hamer, Independent Chair of the Best Start Partnership, said: “The Best Start Partnership believe that all children in Jersey deserve to have the best start in life. What children experience in their earliest years is key to their success in adulthood. The Partnership recognises that all parents want the best for their children and value the vital role played by parents and carers. Evidence is clear that what parents do with their babies and young children shapes their development, educational attainment and life chances.

“Having fun together, by engaging in the activities on the app, will be a joy for children and families as well as developing children’s skills and social relationships, Bringing the app to Jersey will help the Partnership achieve its ambition. We look forward to seeing the difference it will make in achieving positive outcomes for children.”

We look forward to meeting you at the launch.

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Knowledge Makes Change Seminars – Revisited

Did you know it’s nearly five years since Nabiah Sohail delivered her seminar in Jersey on ‘Supporting Bi-Lingual Families’?

You can watch here: Knowledge Makes Change Supporting Bilingual Families – YouTube

Or look at the briefing paper or presentation